Forgiveness of our sins - it is an amazing gift of God's love. We only have the right to be forgiven and to have an eternal life when we believe. Faith is a trust to the Word of God written in Bible. It is trust in God’s promises. To believe is to embrace, to choose Jesus and win Him, to devote yourself to Him, depend on Him and fill your life with His presence. In other words, it is to make a decision to surrender your life to Him.

Faith – is not just an acceptance of some information as a truth but this is our choice (which is voluntary) to give all areas of our lives to God. Such faith gives us the way to God’s heart. God chooses us to become a new creation only through the faith in Christ.


Lord Jesus! Thank you for your love and that you paid for my sins with Your life. Thank you for granting me the opportunity to have a new life. I surrender all my life to You. Please fill it with Your presence, Your power to live again to and to become a new creation in You. Thank you that I will always belong to You and You will live in me. Amen.


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