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A9.jpgНельзя жить только своими убеждениями, опытом или знаниями, если они не основываются на Божьем Слове

Вы согласны, что сколько людей, столько и мнений? «Конечно, – скажете вы, – нас ведь с детства учат иметь собственное мнение!» Хорошо… Тогда как насчет того, что в споре рождается истина?

About us

Every day a lot of people call us. They ask questions about the problems of alcoholism, fear, illness, divorce, rejection, etc. Our ministers are on duty at the phone round the clock. They listen, share the Word of God, pray for people

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How to build a happy family?

Фундаментом для построения семьи должна быть любовь. Любовь не в похоти очей, а в желании сердца сделать другого счастливым

В построении семьи нельзя искать своего. Ведь соединяясь в браке, двое становятся одним, т.е. неделимыми. Это значит - каждый день в общении познавать друг друга. Учиться слушать и слышать другого. Очень важно выбрать правильный тон голоса для общения.

Salvation prayer

Dear friend! The Bible says:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. " (John 3:16)

God's gift

What we are is God's gift to us.  What we become is our gift to God. (Eleanor Powell)

God loves each of us

God loves each of us as if there were only one of us. (St. Augustine)

"Praise Time" into our daily life

If we don’t have a special time allotted solely for the purpose of praising the Lord, we often do not do it, because there are so many other demands on our time.

Something we have tried is scheduling five minutes three times a day when we stop and praise the Lord. We call this “Praise time”. We specifically use this time to praise the Lord. We don’t ask Him for anything or petition Him. We only thank Him.

We’ve found that setting aside specified daily times for praise has helped us get more in the habit of praising the Lord.

Step seven

If up to this time you have ponder with us then you have probably come to the conclusion that for the Earth to come into existence and to exist with all living creatures on it, the Creator with Higher INTELLECT is required. Today He offers us an opportunity to meet Him. Today the Creator has become available to anyone seeking the Truth. He longs to have fellowship with us, because He is God and He created us for fellowship with Him. His greatest wisdom in its simplicity, available and understandable to everyone. When He created man He also gave him a manual for living.

Step six

Thank you for your patience while walking these five steps with us. Let us think now: if intellect is required to build a house, then moreover intellect is required for the Earth (and everything on it) to come into existence. To live in the house for a long while it is necessary for someone to watch over that house, to do renovation, to replace something etc. To sustain the life on the Earth water and the air are the most necessary and the most consumable. If no one would take care of it constant cleansing those would soon become useless. Intellect is also required for it.

Step five

People naively believe that the man – the most perfect creation on Earth is descended from monkey. Nevertheless during all time this theory exists it never happened that monkey gave birth to a man, or some monkey would turn into man. If we pay attention to the world around us we could see that each seed produces only by its kind. The same way each living creature give birth by its kind. Apples can not grow on the vine and raspberries will never grow grapes. Field flowers will never become roses.