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We pray for every prayer request posted on the site. If you sent us your prayer request, our minister's comment will come to your e-mail. Also you can see this comment next to your request, which is placed in the list below.

Please pray to Father God to feed the homeless in San Diego and help solve the crisis
Please pray for my body healing
Pray for my mother MARIAMMA, who is suffering from fever. Thank you Ps samuel, india
Need help
Dear brothers and sisters! May God bless you greatly! Please pray for the healing of my dear Mummy, her name is Nonna. Praise The Lord!
Hi, Ihave a prayer need in my finances and home. Both issues have become very serious. Nomoney for food and bills and very bad state at home. Thank you for help, Aire
Hello! Please pray for my situation, i am in need even i go to work. I have debts and loans from past, when i had to raise my kids alone and today, when my ex has taken kids away, he takes also money from my account. He doesnt need my money, he just wants me to be in more trouble. My salary is not big enough to pay loans and all costs and him for children. Please pray for solution and wisdom and that i can get bigger salary at work as soon as possible. I want to continue my work, i like it very much, but today i need much more money for living. Thank You for help!
Thanks a lot
<p>Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Fantastic.</p>
Keep a family
<p>Hello! Please pray for our family. We have a young son. Our family is collapsing. Thank you!</p>
Please ...
<p>please help us!</p>
Pray for healing
<p>Please pray for my healing&nbsp;</p>

ДОПОМОГА під час карантину

Вас вітає християнська церква «Перемога» - місце для всієї родини! Ми молимося за Вас, Вашу сім'ю, наше місто і країну в цей складний час, щоб Бог благословив і зберігав на всіх шляхах! Нехай Божий мир, втіха і спокій наповнить Ваші серця і оселі. Вважаючи Вас своїми друзями, ми як церква, що любить Вас, хотіли б запропонувати допомогу і сприяння в цей непростий період життя нашої країни тими ресурсами, які у нас є.

В разі, якщо у Вас є нестаток чи потреба:
- Ви або Ваші близькі погано себе почуваєте і хочете отримати...

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