How to prepare for marriage?

The main goal of marriage is to become a blessing in the family. For this purpose it is necessary to develop yourself in various areas.

First of all, it relates our emotional area. Learn to control your negative emotions before wedding especially those relate to the issues of self-appraisal, self-rejection, depression, anger, impulsiveness. Lust also should not be present in the family. Develop yourself on the basis of the Word of God, recovering your personality created by God’s image and likeness. Learn to accept and to love yourself, never doubt in God’s love.

It is also important to obtain skills of fellowship with other people, including opposite gender. Learn to conduct a talk, attentively listen to the talker, to state your thoughts clearly. Ability to solve conflicts will assist you in building a happy family. Conflicts should be solved by method of discussion. Be always polite.

Spiritual area also not the least of the factors in marriage. Dedication to God should always take first place in our life. Also we should be dedicated to the certain local church and ministry there. Common spiritual values are very important for the family as it causes trust and predictability. Unpredictability in turn may cause the loss of trust in the family.

Develop your intellect and thinking, learn to meditate.

Learn to be friendly much earlier than you create a family. Friendship is the most important component in the family. When we develop friendly relationship, we learn to understand people, to forgive and to trust them, to be accountable without controlling each other. Friendship allows us to feel accepted by other people. We can learn relationship in friendship.

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