What is the essence of relationships?

Relationships is a mutual exchange of life between two or more personalities

A5_vzaim3.jpgWe are constantly in contact and in various interactions with other people. In order for relationships to be developed between two people, the contribution of both sides is required. It is not necessary this contribution to be of the same degree. For instance, the teacher contributes her knowledge, her qualification and enthusiasm to students and their training, her students in turn contribute their attention and efforts into training. Mother contributes her care to her child and the child replies her with mutual love.

Relationships are never remain unilaterally and almost never can be destroyed unilaterally. To recover destroyed relationships both sides need to take certain commitments.

Relationship is not just a collection of actions or external influences. Relationship is an exchange of life, it is a relationship of the spirit. Just think of your conversation with someone when the conversation was really successful. You were attuned, you were at the same pace and in one spirit – call it as you like. You felt confidence, happiness, joy and fulfillment afterwards. What happened in reality is you touched the spirit of another person. But sometimes during conversation you may feel like an invisible wall is standing between you and the person you are talking to, you just exchange some words. You may feel yourself tired, exhausted, just off your stride afterwards. What happened is you tried to reach the spirit of another person but got to the corner.

In relationships it is no matter what kind of people are trying to build them (talented or modest, rich or poor, educated or undereducated) – important is how much time people dedicate to the building of their relationships.

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