Does God exist?

Every person who thinks about his soul, how the world around him works and what awaits him in the future, necessarily faces the question of the God existence

There are people who do not believe in God, or at least say they do not believe in Him. But at the same time, they believe that dead matter produced life by itself, that living matter created reason - conscience, and that a chaotic chance created the order we know in space and nature.

Does God exist?

But such a belief can rather be called gullibility, perhaps trustfulness. In addition, sometimes there come such moments in life that even the most convinced atheists begin to pray to get a way out of a hopeless situation.

Does God exist? Is there a Creator who called into existence our Universe? Is a person responsible for himself before people, God and himself? What is Salvation and how do you get it? Let's look for answers to these questions together on the pages of this section.

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