Know God (or steps towards knowledge of God)

This column first of all is intended for those people, who have already asked themselves a question: "What do I live for?". It may seems to be a very simple question, though you`ll not find an answer to it in any study book. Perhaps you may say: "I do not ask myself such a question". Right, many people live their life and do not even ponder over it. But definitely, everyone is looking for happiness and they even devise and invent it. Everybody wants to be happy. We live in a special time. Today we may find answers to the questions, which humanity sought for many centuries and even millenniums.

Our amazing planet

Шаги к познанию БогаLet’s ponder over it. We live on the planet Earth. It is amazing planet, you can find here everything necessary for human life support. “ The earth brining forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind” (Genesis 1:12). We know that nothing and no one can live without water – so there is a lot of water on earth to provide life to everything. There is a lot of living creatures in the water that is good for food. The Earth is full of variety of living souls. These are animals, cattle, reptiles and insects, - everything is intended for life sustenance. There is a great number of birds in the sky. Earth`s deep interiors are full of all sorts of fossils so that man could create and build. Could it all be arranged so wisely, harmoniously and simply just by itself?

Diverse and unique world

Today television allows us to see variety of earth, seas, rivers and even the depth of the oceans. We see how beautiful our earth is and how unique every corner thereof. Rivers always flow by the given routs, seas and oceans are not flow out of its depths. Every day morning comes, sun rises to walk its way. Every night we see the vault of heaven, spattered with stars and the moon performs its way. Trees puts its clothes on in spring time and during autumn they put it off. Spring comes after the winter, then summer comes after the spring, then autumn supersedes and then winter takes it turn again. Each season is unique in a special way and it never changes. And no matter how smart we are, no efforts can change preset pace of life. Just ponder over it?

Our body is designed incredibly difficult

In first two steps we have discussed what a perfect and amazing world we live in. Nevertheless the same amazing and perfect world is inside of us. All organs are located at very convenient for communication scheme. Blood circulatory system arranged so that life blood could reach each cell of the body. Protection system functions for the whole organism. We can see, hear, think, understand, breath, move and even talk, no other living creature on Earth can do it as well. People trying to find explanation to origin of Earth and every living things on it. They create various theories, philosophize on the mater, trying to explain unexplainable.

Accident or Creator?

All theories and philosophies offered to us in study books in schools and universities are trying to persuade us that the Earth and all creatures on it came into existence without an INTELLECT. But let us consider simple example. To build a house someone needs to make the plan thereof, to draw it, to think what material it should be built of, to estimate how much material and other means is necessary etc. So intellect is essential to consider and to determine it all. How come we are looking at the world we live in where everything is well-considered to the smallest detail, where everything is so perfectly arranged we still believe those silly theories which says that everything appeared just by itself or by chance?

The theory of evolution does not work

People naively believe that the man – the most perfect creation on Earth is descended from monkey. Nevertheless during all time this theory exists it never happened that monkey gave birth to a man, or some monkey would turn into man. If we pay attention to the world around us we could see that each seed produces only by its kind. The same way each living creature give birth by its kind. Apples can not grow on the vine and raspberries will never grow grapes. Field flowers will never become roses. The life is included in the seed and the seed produces only by its kind and nature.

Who controls all this?

Thank you for your patience while walking these five steps with us. Let us think now: if intellect is required to build a house, then moreover intellect is required for the Earth (and everything on it) to come into existence. To live in the house for a long while it is necessary for someone to watch over that house, to do renovation, to replace something etc. To sustain the life on the Earth water and the air are the most necessary and the most consumable. If no one would take care of it constant cleansing those would soon become useless. Intellect is also required for it. The Earth does not exists just by itself. It exists in the Universe where everything is interconnected. Again we come to the conclusion that someone should manage it all.

God created us and wants to communicate with his creation

If up to this time you have ponder with us then you have probably come to the conclusion that for the Earth to come into existence and to exist with all living creatures on it, the Creator with Higher INTELLECT is required. Today He offers us an opportunity to meet Him. Today the Creator has become available to anyone seeking the Truth. He longs to have fellowship with us, because He is God and He created us for fellowship with Him. His greatest wisdom in its simplicity, available and understandable to everyone. When He created man He also gave him a manual for living. This manual is a Bible, the Book of books, where we can find all laws and rules of life.

The way to God begins with prayer. Click HERE, to pray with us.  

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