How to build relationship with God?

Give yourself to God fully, consciously and constantly building your relationship with Him

a5_pokl1_250Everything about relationship between people is relevant to relationship with God. It is important to understand, that God wants to be with us in active relationship and He did everything required for that. These relationship though will function in case we will be ready actively participate in it. Definitely, God`s contribution into development of relationship is unlimited both by grace and size, but the quality thereof also depends on what do we impart into it. We ought to impart in relations ourselves – otherwise it is impossible to have relationship without it.

We can spend many hours reading Bible and praying, but without involvement of our heart and spirit – there will not be any relations and soon we may get bored from all such activities.

If we rejoice so much in relationship with people, when we touch human spirit, then what a triumph we feel when our spirit touches the Spirit of God! He is the source of the living water and eternal life!

How can it be reached? Yield yourself fully, consciously and constantly building your relationship with Him. When it is present in our prayers and worship then step by step we become closer to God and God also becomes nearer to us.

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you" (James:4:8)

There more than seven billions of people in the world, but He still devotes His undivided attention to you and you can feel His support and understanding. How great is our God!   

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