Why it is important to have personal relationships with the Lord?

Fellowship with the Lord allows overcome fears, to learn how to forgive and to get rid of many problems.

личные отношения с БогомThe most important thing in Christian life is to have personal relationships with the Lord. Personal relationships it is when the person dedicates his time to stay with God privately in prayer, to talk to Him and to listen what He replies. If we carefully listen to His advices it will allow us to behave properly and will allow our life to be directed by God. God wants talk this way to each one of us! When we leave our matters to spend time in fellowship with God, we show Him this way that we love and appreciate Him. That is why the words of Jesus are still very relevant for us: «But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you» (Mathew 6:33).  

God loves us very much and that is why He wants to spend with us as much time as possible. It is desirably to dedicate our morning hours to this kind of fellowship everyday. Tell God about your desires. Thank Him for all good things you have in your life. Ask him so that He revealed himself to you ever more. Start to love him in response to His love towards you and you will see how much He will do for you.

God will help you to rejoice despite circumstances if you humbly entrust your circumstances to Him and will agree to subdue to His solution, no matter how unexpected it may be.

Read Bible regularly, ponder over His Word, pray to your heavenly Father. This is also a part of your fellowship with God. Every day you will trust the Lord ever more. For He appreciates our trust so much and He expects our attention. The degree of our love and our craving toward Him sometimes plays a key role in the circumstances of our life.

Fellowship with the Lord helps to overcome fears, to learn how to forgive and to get rid of many problems. Look always at Him and then He will do so that the whole world and all circumstances “looked” at you. It means that you will order your circumstances and they will obey you (Mark 11:23).

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