The Reasons of homosexual behaviour

The homosexual desire is unnatural. Its reasons are located in mentality, in person`s thinking.

причины гомосексуальностиAs a rule, everything begins with deficiency of the love half-received by the child from adults. Emotional support of parents is extremely necessary for the child and for the development of his healthy idea about himself. Growing up, the person can not understand the true reason at all and he may think that he was simply born "incorrectly (in the wrong body)".

Because of the huge number of wounded emotions and requirements remained without the answer, fear to be the rejected by person of an opposite gender is formed at teenager’s mind and he sees solution in the love directed to the subject of the same gender – that’s how young man seeks to receive mutual love and acceptance.

Development of deceptive thoughts opens the door of their mind for lie of the devil and gradually such person gets to slavery of his sinful behavior and becomes incapable to control his emotions and sexual desires. It results in their decision to perceive homosexuality as their lifestyle. The person starts living as though in a vicious circle: the sinful behavior gives rise to sense of guilt, shame and pain which tries to find solution in their sinful behavior, etc. Only God can destroy this circle and bring freedom into thinking and human life.

"And looking upon them, Jesus said to them: With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible" (Mt.19:26)

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