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Hello, My name is Femke and I live in the Netherlands, I study International business and need to do a research for my school, Saxion University. I do a research on the psychic market in Russia and I came on your site. I have some questions and I hope you are willing to help with my research! - What are the average prices of your psychics? Do you have a consultation through phone and if so, what are the costs per minute? - Do you have a database where all the clients are registered, in order to keep helping them? And if so, how do you get these data? - Are there any laws you need to take care of in Russia, in order to do provide this service? I hope you want to help me and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much, Femke


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Hello, you are not there and we can not answer your questions. We live in Ukraine, our services are free and we advise people and pray for people based on the Bible. Thank you very much.

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